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Bauer kelly bar from Unimate


Bauer kelly bar from Unimate. For last few years, unimate made kelly bar for Bauer BG12 BG15 BG26 BG28 BG30 BG36 BG38 BG44 BG55 etc.

Kelly pipe raw Material: 1st and 2nd Q345B same as ST53; 3rd and 4th 35CrMo same as 25CrMo4V.

For Bauer BG20

For Bauer BG26

Maintenance Intervals

For kellys used under normal soil conditions (non-cohesive and cohesive soils up to grade 6)

Prescribed intervals for

double and triple kellys

quadruple and quintuple kellys

1st inspection after

100-150 hours

50-100 hours

Subsequent inspection every:

400-500 hours

250-300 hours

For kellys used under tougher conditions, the interval should be shortened by half the time given.

     In case of a failure such:

Ø Sections are slipping through

Ø Kelly top cover is deformed

Ø Sections will not retract extend smoothly

Disassembly and repair will require a free space as long as double the length of the Kelly when it is retracted.

For Bauer BG38