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Unimate drilling buckets bulk exported to Southeast Asia Markets


        April 21st , 2018, through intense and orderly production by Hunan Unimate Heavy Co.,Ltd Changsha Factory and Xiamen Factory, 47 various types of Rotary drilling buckets have been packed well, waiting for exported to Southeast Asia. To Unimate rotary drilling buckets, this is a major breakthrough in the Southeast Asia market, pave a way for  One Belt And One Road construction. Unimate rotary drilling buckets have gradually taken a place in the Southeast Asian market.

      With the increase of pilling foundation construction projects in Southeast Asia, the demand for various types of drilling buckets are also on the rise. After careful study and analysis of the geology of Southeast Asia, Unimate tailor-made various types of core barrels and other drilling buckets based on the special requirements of Southeast Asia clients, the products have been unanimously approved by the new and old customers.

     Due to the design science, fine workmanship, solid materials and etc, the entry efficiency and service life of Unimate rock drilling buckets are more than 20% higher than that of other drilling buckets, not only improve the construction efficiency, but also reduce the use cost, Unimate products received rave reviews from clients.


We always adhere to the service concept: Know the customers needs, meet the customers requirements, arrange everything well for the customers orders, we will provide quality products and service for our clients all the time.